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Specialized Killstreak Scattergun Kit Fabricator

Specialized Killstreak Scattergun Kit Fabricator +

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Type: Team Fortress 2

This item has a set of inputs that, once fulfilled, will reward you with what's listed in its outputs.

The following are the inputs that must be fulfilled.
Unique Killstreak Item x 1
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor x 8
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808 x 8
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace x 8
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer x 4
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector x 1

You will receive all of the following outputs once all of the inputs are fulfilled.
Specialized Killstreak Scattergun Kit
(Sheen: Manndarin)

This is a limited use item. Uses: 1

Flip Profit, and fee prices may not be 100% accurate. Please proceed with caution.

Sell price
Buy price (-)
Fee (-15%)
Flip Profit

Current Price

Price: --
Supply: 20

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