Souvenir Desert Eagle  Hand Cannon (Battle-Scarred)

Souvenir Desert Eagle Hand Cannon (Battle-Scarred) +

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Type: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Exterior: Battle-Scarred

This item commemorates ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship.

It was dropped during the Group Stage match between Fnatic and iBUYPOWER.

As expensive as it is powerful, the Desert Eagle is an iconic pistol that is difficult to master but surprisingly accurate at long range. It has brass parts that have been given an acid patina inspired by antique brass cannons. Be prepared to encounter many thorns in the trials to come

The Cobblestone Collection

Sticker: Fnatic (Foil) | Cologne 2014, iBUYPOWER | Cologne 2014, ESL One Cologne 2014 (Gold)

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