SteamCompanion is closed until further notice.

As most of you probably have noticed, parts of the website haven't been online in more than a month. Primarily because the harddrive crashed, and I needed to contact a hard drive recovery service to get it restored, since my host doesn’t do backups or disk images. (and my own backup wasn't 100% up to date, which would’ve caused a few people to lose their wins, lose some of their points, etc. which I didn’t want to do). The server stuff is all fixed now, and everyones things are fully restored, the managed and won pages are now back online, but I’m going to keep the rest of the website offline a little longer.

To be honest, working a lot hours on my real job and steamcompanion hasn’t had a good impact on my health, family and friends lately. I’d like to take a small break from it, reconnect with family/friends, maybe play some games for once, and maybe work on different small projects unrelated to Steam.

This isn’t a permanent shut down. I’ve been part of the Steam community for 11 years, and have worked on SteamCompanion for almost 6 years. I always come back.

I also just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive, and understanding. It’s interesting looking back. I just wanted to giveaway some games on the website for fun until a few people approached me asking me if they could host some giveaways as well.

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See you when we return, Nick